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The Banding Wheel

This banding wheel is the very best that is made.   It has the arm rest which goes up and down, forward and back.   The two plates make it self-centering.   To do this -- take hold of the top plate with the left thumb and fore-finger and the bottom plate with the right hand the same way.   By moving the hands together or apart adjusts the centering.   It has a white line on for putting the banded piece back for the second time after firing.   Be sure to mark the spot where this line is before the first fire with a light china paint, so that you will know where to put it back.   There are special banding brushes which you can use for banding, however, a long liner or scroller very often work for certain pieces.   I like to hold the loaded brush firmly, with the little finger and the ring finger firmly holding the arm rest, and then spin the wheel slowly.   Looking away helps to not manuever the brush. -- it works.   It has three sets of pins for banding different items -- a cylinder versus a plate or saucer.   My banding wheel also can be purchased with three additional small wheels that fit over the pins for holding a piece with a smaller diameter -- like a thimble or a bud vase.   It can be purchased with or without the set of wheels.

The Banding Wheel $295.00
The Set of 3 Wheels $15.00


We have books by the following artists.   These are too numerous to list here.   Please call or write for individual titles:

Irene Goodwin
Guptill   Mary Ellen Haggerty   Helen Humes
Betty Humphrey   Barbara Jensen   Kinzie
Klepher   Leavelle   Margaret Lomba
Jane Marcks   Sharon Steen   Moss
Muller   Grace Patton   Penhaligon
Phillips   Lynette Pickrell   Reed
Evalyn Roach   Pauline Salyer   Celia Shute
Lolita Smith   Beth Watson   Marcella Wing
Paula White-Hossner   Jeanne Winter   Shirley Younger
Linda Alexander   Sonie Ames   Gigi Branch
Burbank-Nelson   Christensen   Cimino & Shyrock
Wanda Clapham   Cline   Paula Collins
Onalee Crocker   Joanne Currie   Pinky Daniel
Barbara Duncan   Celee Evans   Gladys Galloway  
Walter Foster Books:
Robert Wood   Mannie Gonsalves   Lola Ades  
Swiss Books - Gedarte
Bjordal   Ceppi   Viggiani  
Watanabe   Borelli Stephen Hayes  
C. KLein Books  

#1,   2,   4,   6,   7,   8,   10  

  Treasures from Yesteryear

# 1   thru   #24



We also carry The Collector Designs and Studies by the following artists.   Please call or write for a detailed listing:

Gladys Galloway   Willene Hatfield   Jean Sadler
Sonie Ames   Linda Alexander   Mildred Arnspiger

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