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Painting with linda is especially productive and enjoyable because she is a natural, almost unlimited resource for design ideas;  she can look at a piece and immediately give several design alternatives.

linda specializes in Dresden, daisies, pansies, enamel work and borders.

She is available for seminars. Class size is negotiable.

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Videos/Books Price
"Time to Paint"

The 76 page lavishly illustrated spiral bound book by linda, contains step by step instructions, with full color illustrations (15 Pages of color) for creating beautifully painted clocks, holiday items, Limoges boxes, purses and other lovely decorated items as well as several border decorations.  The book includes designs for:
  • 14 Clocks
  • Artistic License suitable for framing
  • Something interesting for Christmas
  • A pretty heart box decorated with flowers, ribbon and lace
  • 2 large eggs
  • Several Limoges purses
  • 4 Small Limoges boxes
  • Bowl with yellow roses
  • A tea set with tray

Page samples of the book are show below.  Webpage limitations of size and resolution prevent displaying the fine detail of the individual items.


Painting Jus' About Everything Video
  Painting Jus' About Everything"
Video Tape Teaches You How to:
  • Paint 14 flowers and 6 pieces of fruit
  • Establish 2 kinds of fish scale design
  • Paint 2 different types of ribbons
  • Create a basket weave design on an egg
  • Improve your writing for signing and personalizing your china.
Video contains:
  • 18 photographs of 36 eggs
  • Line drawings for 54 pieces of jewelry
  • Examples of upper and lower case alphabet.

Last 4 minutes of video is an overall view of 36 eggs, 54 pieces of jewelry, and a variety of 28 other porcelain items designed and painted by linda.

Samples of the study sheets included with the video are show below.   As with the sample pages from linda's "Time to Paint" book above, webpage limitations of size and resolution prevent displaying the fine detail of the individual items.


Studies Price
Borderline Ideas
Borderline Ideas
A full color sampler of seven borders with instructions.
Instructions for Painting Flowers
Instructions for Painting Flowers
A full color sampler of 38 flowers with nine pages of instructions.
Fruit Designs
Fruit Designs
A sampler of 15 different small fruits in full color with design suggestions of one garland of fruit, one rope of fruit and four medalions of fruit.

Beautiful Decorative Alphabet - sheet 1   Beautiful Decorative Alphabet - sheet 2   Beautiful Decorative Alphabet - sheet 3   Beautiful Decorative Alphabet - sheet 4   Beautiful Decorative Alphabet - Sheet 5

Beautiful Decorative Alphabet
Roses, Daises and Forget-Me-Nots combined with painted stripes and scrolls are entwined with ribbon to create a new and interesting alphabet. Use these ideas to personalize mirrors, boxes, cups and plates. Set of 25 photos printed on matt paper.

$12.50 set
Designs for Small Boxes, Bracelets, Borders and Eggs
A booklet of 60 original design placement ideas.
Let's Create a Scene
24 black & white line drawings of scenes.
Designs for tassels, eggs, jewelry, borders, birds, fish, etc.
Designs for the creative use of tassels, eggs, jewelry, borders, birds, fish
14 pages. Black and White.
6 pages of black & white designs, 32 eggs designed.
Mug Designs
One sheet with soldiers, clowns, and floral border. Black and White.
Tassles - Front side   Tassles - back side
One sheet, printed on both sides, with various tassle designs. Black and White.
Bowtie Dress Designs
Bow Ties
One sheet, printed on one side, with dress vest designs. Black and White.
Flower Garlands - Color   Flower Garlands - Black and White - Front
Flower Garlands - Black and White - Back Side  Flower Garlands - 3rd Page
Flower Garlands
One color sheet, two black and white with line designs and instructions for flower designs.
Supplies Price
1/4 Scharff syn-sable angular brush $7.50
#1 Scharff syn-sable scroller Brush $6.00
1/2 Scharff tinting brush $12.00
Very Fine English Pen Points $ 2.00
Mixing Medium $9.50
Drying Oil $9.50
Yellow Brown $3.00
Crimson Glory $7.50
Black Green $2.50
Yellow Green $3.50
Gray Green $2.50
Anna Pink $3.50
French Bleu $3.00
Mixing Yellow $3.00
Best Black $3.00
Facile Enamel $3.50
Rich Brown $2.50
Deep Turquoise $3.00
Poppy Red $3.00

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