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Shingletown, CA 96088

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Painted on a Size 8" x 12" Porcelain on Steel Plak,
This size is no longer available,
but the larger 11" x 14" size is still available

Porcelain on Steel Plaks

Made in the USA especially for China Painters to our specifications.

LIGHT weight, easy to paint, QUICK to FIRE on HIGH.  China paints come out true, glossy, and bright when fired at 0-22 cone.  A 3-dimensional effect appears when fired 0-19. Fire many times if you wish.  DO NOT SAND between firings.

DO NOT STILT. Use your regular techniques for china paints, enamels, golds, lusters or special materials.  These plaks are easily matted and framed.

11"x14" Porcelain on Steel --$11.50

Plus postage and handling. Special effects instructions included.
With colored picture add $1.50

Paintings by Pearl Nickerson
on Porcelain Steel Plaks
Bluebirds with Mother of Pearl Luster
on Porcelain on Steel
Blue Peacock with Liquid Bright Gold
on Porcelain on Steel


Hardwood Oak Box made of hand-polished molding, hinged lid, velvety coating inside
White 6 inch round tile to paint and glue into box

Special Close-Out price -- $27.50, plus shipping

Please send your order with check to cover -- will bill for postage.


Butterflies, What Else!


A book with 57 full pages of instruction, line drawings,
suggestions for adapting butterflies to various sizes and shapes of porcelain.
Plus techniques such as penwork, luster, petti-point, frosting,
gold, flaking, acid etching, etching without acid.

INCLUDES studies and four 8"x10" color designs.

$16.50 plus Priority Postage $3.95

Note: This book is now out of print, and there are not many left in stock.

The four individual 8"x10" color designs (pictured above), that are part of the "Butterflies, What Else" book are now available separately from Ann Cline Studio

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