Whimsical Shapes by Syra Hansen

  A Whimsical Collection  

Syra is a native of Colombia, South America and has lived in the U.S. since 1978, becoming a naturalized US citizen in 1985. As an artist, Syra has enjoyed tremendous success, winning many awards in shows and state fairs, and having her pieces selected for display at the WOCP Porcelain Art Museum in Oklahoma City each of the last ten years. Syra is the exclusive tile artist for Summitville Design Center in Atlanta and has been a faculty member of the Spruill Center For The Arts since 1985. Demonstrations and seminars in her Studio are available upon request. Syra's hobby is painting Limoges boxes (her toys).

Perfume Box


Watering Can


Magical Boxes

Syra's boxes are magical creations. Each box is rendered in precise and beautiful detail with vivid colors and polished gold. And when you open up one of Syra's boxes, you are always in for a delightful surprise.

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Photo Copyright 1997 Terry Wingfield (top photo)