Molly Hammond

International artist

4525 Iowa St
Clayton, IN 46118
Phone : 317-965-3371

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A backsplash painted for the wall in back of the stove.
Picture taken from a placemat
 The art I create for the customer is exclusive and personally customized for each client.  Hand painted tiles are made to order to meet your project parameters.

Any image or theme can be reproduced on tile.

I can work from a piece of fabric, sketches, ideas or pictures.  You can use the design and then choose to use a different color. The tile can be mounted directly to the wall or to a mounting board so that it can be moved.

Tile uses:

  • floors
  • walls
  • pools
  • tubs
  • spas
  • showers
  • countertops
  • outside walls
  • fireplace surrounds
...anywhere tile can be used

Consider using a vacation picture as a mural
for a porch or spa

...or a beautiful basket of flowers or fruit
for a backsplash.

Consider a sink or toilet to match a motif in your wallpaper for a truly unique powder room.  The design and color possibilities are endless.

You are limited only by your imagination.


Sink Bowl
Sink Bowl
Sink Bowl Close up
Tank Top

Tank Lid
Tank Lid

Design ready to transfer to the porcelain sink

The Process:

Painting on ceramic or porcelain results in permanent, rich pieces of art that will last forever.

China painting is an ancient art that involves multiple layers of a special glaze that is applied to a piece of previously glazed porcelain or ceramic to form a visual design.  After each layer is painted, the piece is fired in a kiln to make the glaze permanent.

The piece is fired to between 1200 degrees to about 1600 degrees F.

The result is a delicate looking piece of art.

beginning the process of painting

My painting can be done on any fired glazed surface that can be fired in a kiln.  These surfaces include stoneware, china, ceramic, porcelain and others.

My paintings are done with the same attention to design, pattern, color and visual texture as other forms of painting ( watercolor, oil, acrylic, etc ) are done.  The technique most closely resembles that of watercolor but the appearance is much like oil painting-rich and deep.

China painting is done with a paint base made of fine crystals of ground minerals.  The painting develops depth and richness with subsequent layers of paint and firings.  The design can be completed and fired in one layer, but for depth and richness usually associated with the technique, multiple firings are usually preferred.

With each subsequent layer of paint and firing, I deepen shadows and enhance colors until the final firing when they all come together into a satisfying and beautiful piece of art.

It is common to do five to eight layers and firings on an individual project although more or fewer are sometimes done.

Once the piece is completed, it can be considered a permanent piece of art that, sparing accident or disaster, will be around far longer than the artist that created it.

Contact me and I will help you come up with the only one in the world... a unique piece of fine art that is yours alone.

a work in progress

shark mural completed

More than just murals...

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