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"Melancholy" by Wagner

Back View of Vase
Back View of Vase

Vase Close-up
Vase Close-up

This Art Nouveau Sevres Vase, entitled "Melancholy" was painted by the famous Viennese Artist "Wagner". The piece is dated in the late Nineteenth Century and retains its original gold gilded bronze ormolu. It is signed "Sevres, and Wagner" (to the right of the painting). The piece measures 11 1/4 inches in height to the handles. Displayed with the permission of Kim and Greg Shand.





This delightful portrait of a young woman in red was painted on an oval porcelain tile. A paper tag on the back is signed "Teppina". The date of the painting is unknown, but the shadow work is done in a delicate crosshatched style. The size including the brass frame is 4 1/2" by 6". From the collection of Marci Blattenberger.

Yellow Violets

The Artist and Date are unknown on this piece which measures 6 1/8" in diameter. The teal colored back stamp shield reads: Thomas "Sevres" Bavaria. From the collection of Marci Blattenberger.

Yellow Violets Plate
Yellow Violets

Back Stamp
Thomas "Sevres" Bavaria

Yellow Roses

The Artist and Date are unknown on this piece which measures 6 1/4" in diameter. The back stamp is dark green crossed swords and crown with R.C. and "Versailles Bavaria". From the collection of Marci Blattenberger.

Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses

Back Stamp
Versailles Bavaria

Dresden Cutwork Plate

The Artist and Date are unknown on this piece which measures 7" in diameter. The back stamp is a royal blue crown and script "D." From the collection of Marci Blattenberger.

Dresden Plate
Dresden Plate

Close-up view
A closer look...

Close-up view
A closer look yet...

Back Stamp
Plate Back Stamp



Howard Reury




This 8 inch plate painted with violets is dated 1910-1912. The artist, Howard Reury, was born in New York in 1870 and painted for Pickard Studios from 1903-1912. He did some "modern conventional" designs but is best know for his florals. He opened his own studio in the teens and also worked for the Wight Studios. (Note from Marci Blattenberger: I have been told by Alan Reed, author of the "Collectors Encyclopedia of Pickard China" that it is rare to find Reury's signature on a piece with the #6 back stamp. Backstamp: #6 in Reed's Pickard book consists of a gold square with a 13/32 inch diameter red decal. From the collection of Marci Blattenberger.


From the Collection of Mary Ewing

Leykauf Porcelain Antiques

George Leykauf was born in Dresden, Germany in 1860. He studied at the Dresden School of Art. After a year with the Dresden factory, Leykauf came to Detroit and established a studio there. Leykauf's painting were primarily floral, although he also excelled in painting grapes, seaweed and shells. His designes were taken from nature.
He was noted for never repeating his designs, and for his paintings of subdued coloring. Using comparatively few colors, a warm gray played an important part in all his work. The gold scrolling said to be a vital part of his work, was mostly done by his nieces Tillie and Julie. called Lula and Emma. Leykauf believed that raised paste ornamentation detracted from the "true art value".
Leykauf stopped painting after 1920 because of the great difficulty of obtaining blank porcelains and porcelain painting supplies. He moved to his summer home on the Au Sable River in northern Michigan near Lovells. While there he suffered a stroke that paralyzed his right side. George Leykauf died in April. 1922, was cremated and his remains buried between a pair of oak trees which he loved.

Click on the thumbnails below to view larger view of some of Leykauf's painted pieces.

Thumbnail of Leykauf Plate
Click Here to see Leykauf signature on this plate
Leykauf Plate

Local Painters of the Past

Mrs. S.S. Frackleton
China Painter from Milwaukee


Cherry Plate
by Mrs. Linaweaver

Mrs. Linaweaver's
China Painting Class

Tray and Glasses
by Mrs. Karst

Click on the thumbnails above to view a larger version.

Mrs. Linaweaver, second from right (3rd row) in the middle photo above, was a teacher who gave lessons and operated a china studio in Frindley, Ohio. This picture was taken in 1896, when her china painting class came to McComb, Ohio for a birthday lunch.

The cherry plate (left picture) is typical of her paintings. Mrs. Karst was a student of Mrs. Linaweaver. The tray and small glasses (right picture) were painted by her. Her kiln, which was in her attic, caught fire. She was severely burned, but continued to paint, with great difficulty.

Copy of article from the Findlay, Ohio Courier, featuring Mary Ewing
Click Here to read the article.

From the Collection of Shirley Hansen
Pickard Porcelain Antiques

Pickard Mark
15 inches tall
grapes design.
Artist: Robert Hessler
born of German parents
in Pennsylvania
in 1877.
Pickard Artist:
Fredrick Walters,
born in Austria
in 1861.
Many Pickard
artists painted
at home
and sold them
for extra money.

15 1/2 inches tall,
with ornate gold handles.
The Chrysanthemums
are yellow, white
and tones of pink.
A truly beautiful vase
Joseph Yeschek,
born in Austria
in 1866.

& Luster Bowl

Pickard mark
Beautiful Luster,
and considered
a great artist.

Pickard Plate
Dated by the
Pickard stamp
as 1905.
It is Haviland,
France. The roses
are beautiful,
but the artist
did not sign
the plate.

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