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City of Jacksonville,Florida

April 14,1993


  • WHEREAS: Throughout history, porcelain painting has provided a medium for the preservation of history and culture; and
  • WHEREAS: Jacksonville is proud to be recognized both for the largest collection of Meissen Porcelain in the United States at the Cummer Gallery of Art, and the growing number of porcelain artists in Jacksonville whose artistic abilities are nationally recognized; and
  • WHEREAS: The art of china painting began with the ancient discovery of porcelain made by the Chinese probably during the Tang dynasty; and
  • WHEREAS: Hand painted porcelain, once the pride of princes, was a closely guarded secret to be enjoyed only by the wealthy; and
  • WHEREAS: The Jacksonville China Artists club , organized in 1969, is a member of the World Organization of China Painters,Inc. The Brushettes of Jacksonville, organized in 1980, and is a member of the State Association of Porcelain Artists Inc.; and
  • WHEREAS: The Jacksonville China Arists will be the host club for two state conventions in Jacksonville, with artists throughout the United States in atendance; and
  • WHEREAS: A primary goal of the porcelain artists in Jacksonville is to share the unique beauty of the fine art of porcelain painting, and to increase public awareness of this significant art.
  • NOW,THEREFORE, I, ED AUSTIN, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida, do hereby proclaim the month of May, 1993,as


and urge all citizens to experience,appreciate, and learn from the artistic endeavors of our community's own highly talented artists.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, this 14th day of April, in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-three.

Signed: Ed Austin - Mayor

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